Januar 27, 2011

Frustration and R&J part IV

Today we had a little assembly about our bachelor thesis. Turns out there are only three Profs for 63 Students in my department, since one professor just quit. Lovely.
So now it’s gonna get dirty. Our Marketing Prof is already fully booked and yeah great times. Now I really hope that I get the internship at Sony Music, because that would mean, I would have to write my thesis in a year instead of this summer and hopefully things will have settled down by then.
This stressed me out so much, mainly because I haven’t spent much thought on a theme until now. So I’m pretty much screwed. Yay me..

Well on the upside I treated myself to a new notebook today. My old one’s CD-Drive doesn’t work anymore (for quite a while now actually), and after it got a virus and me trying to fix it by myself (great idea btw), it somehow seems to have lost a couple of GB. Well the new one should be here by Monday.

My outfit today was a pretty basic one, consisting of an old, blue jumper my grandma knitted decades ago and a black pleather-skirt. My inspiration today, therefore, came from an also pretty basic album, The Smiths self-titled debut, which shouldn’t be missed in any record-collection imo.
So let’s end this post with my all-time favorite line from the record:
You are your mother’s only son and you’re a desperate one.

pleather skirt: UrbanOutfitters; jumper: vintage; shoes: H&M


  1. Looove this! Seriously. Super cute. The headband is my favorite!

    KF x

  2. thank you :)
    I used to wear these headbands a lot haha