Januar 18, 2011

Secrets of Trade

So today, after a nice long weekend, it was back to university for me. We had a so-so class on strategic management, which even my all-time favorite Russian Professor, who is normally amazing, couldn't save. I nearly fell asleep behind my notebook, when he tried explaining the Nash-Equilibrium. It was just all in all really tiresome.. I probably also shouldn’t have stayed up so late to watch stupid, trashy TV shows.. I’m just smart like that >.<
Oh and for the first time this year, I didn’t leave class 10minutes early to catch my train.. and tadaaa the train ran 10minutes late! That’s what I call instant karma. haha

Well even if it wasn’t the most productive day, I at least wore something nice. The dress has some real great detailing, but I just wasn't able to capture it right. And the cardigan is one of my favs, it's super warm and comfy.
Sorry for the mirror pictures, but seeing as I was already late (as usual), I didn’t have any time to put my tripod up..

I definitely need to work on my time-management..

cardigan: Asos; dress: H&M, shoes: Bullboxer; necklace: Camden Market

closer look at my favorite Robo-Necklace


  1. Absolutely in love with your necklace, it's adorable.


  2. i love your hair! it's gorgeous. i just recently became a redhead, but not as vibrant as yours, maybe i'll try that next!!

  3. thanks guys <3

    @Bryanna: I love your copper-tone! but you definitely could pull of bright red as well :D

  4. I love that robo necklace! I just bought a pocket watch necklace, but don't know how to change the time :l I really like your dress as well, its perfect for all seasons!