Januar 26, 2011

Snow Days

I can’t believe how much snow came down today. So instead of going out into the city (No way José!) I spent the day at home being my very unproductive-self.
I really didn’t do a thing today, besides taking some pictures and watching Californication season 3. Yes, I’m very proud of myself..

So my outfit today was sadly unseen by anyone but me.. Thinking about maybe wearing it to university tomorrow.

It’s another Jumper-Outfit inspired by a record, namely the absolutely mind-swirling Morrison Hotel by The Doors. Published in 1970, it features their trademark sound, aka roaring guitars and Jim Morrison’s enchanting vocals. I love the cover-art for this LP so much (the band is sitting inside the shop-window of the Morrison Hotel), especially the colour-scheme, and took most of my inspiration from that and from the overall 70ies attitude.

boots: Primark; skirt: H&M; jumper: vintage


  1. heyaaa,
    just scrolled down and looked at most of your posts, you take really good photo's, what camera you got?

    Looks like I'm your first follower :) woo lol
    I like all your knitted clothes lol their really nice - and your hair colour is cool too haha

    Seriously keep up the good work :)
    Love shyy x

  2. gorgeous jumper, the colour is so bright and fantastic for dark January also warm for the snow =)

    Hannah xx

  3. Erstmal: geile haarfarbe! Und da spech ich aus erfahrung ^^
    Und dein pulli ist auch super schön! Lässt die haare wiederum strahlen!

  4. @cheyenne davide: Hey sweetie :) I use a Canon Eos 450D.. it was a graduation gift from my dad and I absolutely love taking pictures with it.^^

    Thanks for all the kind words guys! :D