Januar 30, 2011

Beautiful Girls

So turns out Saturday ended up being one amazing day. My girls came by and we ate some homemade sushi and drank some beer and some wine. Later on we went out clubbing and danced until our feet gave out, to some nice, guitar-heavy Music.
the girls and I

Today was a pretty lazy day, I slept in until nearly 1pm and just spent some time with my family after that. This upcoming week I only have one lecture on Wednesday, but I actually have a couple of homework assignments I really need to take care of.

Outfit-and Record-wise I decided, that I needed something calming and soothing today. So I put on I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning by Bright Eyes, aka Connor Oberst. It’s a simple record to lay down to and just let yourself get completely carried away in the music. Which was exactly what I needed today.

jumper&necklace: Vintage; pants&shoes: Asos, watch: Urban Outfitters

Januar 28, 2011

Weird Stuff

It’s Friday night and I’m at home. But what’s even weirder, I’m kinda glad that I’m at home. It’s a nice change, the last month I’ve been out on town every weekend. Just knowing that I won’t be hungover tomorrow is an amazing feeling. But I’ll probably regret it soon. I have no clue as to why, but the parties on Saturdays are usually not as great as on Fridays here in Munich.
But for now I’m just quite content staying home and listening to some records.

Today’s outfit was all about one of my favorite artists, Elliott Smith. You might be thinking, well those shoes (or anything else for that matter) don’t go with the rest of the outfit.. don’t fit, don’t belong.. But sometimes the wrongs make the rights. Through all of his life Elliott Smith was very depressed, always feeling like the odd man out. But because of this he wrote some of the most amazing songs and has written lyrics that contain as much beauty as agony, making them true masterpieces of our time.
So I’m not saying this outfit is perfect. I’m just trying to say, that sometimes the flaws really are what makes something remarkable.

jumper: vintage; shorts: H&M, shoes: H&M, tights: Topshop; record: Either/Or by Elliott Smith 

Januar 27, 2011

Frustration and R&J part IV

Today we had a little assembly about our bachelor thesis. Turns out there are only three Profs for 63 Students in my department, since one professor just quit. Lovely.
So now it’s gonna get dirty. Our Marketing Prof is already fully booked and yeah great times. Now I really hope that I get the internship at Sony Music, because that would mean, I would have to write my thesis in a year instead of this summer and hopefully things will have settled down by then.
This stressed me out so much, mainly because I haven’t spent much thought on a theme until now. So I’m pretty much screwed. Yay me..

Well on the upside I treated myself to a new notebook today. My old one’s CD-Drive doesn’t work anymore (for quite a while now actually), and after it got a virus and me trying to fix it by myself (great idea btw), it somehow seems to have lost a couple of GB. Well the new one should be here by Monday.

My outfit today was a pretty basic one, consisting of an old, blue jumper my grandma knitted decades ago and a black pleather-skirt. My inspiration today, therefore, came from an also pretty basic album, The Smiths self-titled debut, which shouldn’t be missed in any record-collection imo.
So let’s end this post with my all-time favorite line from the record:
You are your mother’s only son and you’re a desperate one.

pleather skirt: UrbanOutfitters; jumper: vintage; shoes: H&M

Januar 26, 2011

Snow Days

I can’t believe how much snow came down today. So instead of going out into the city (No way José!) I spent the day at home being my very unproductive-self.
I really didn’t do a thing today, besides taking some pictures and watching Californication season 3. Yes, I’m very proud of myself..

So my outfit today was sadly unseen by anyone but me.. Thinking about maybe wearing it to university tomorrow.

It’s another Jumper-Outfit inspired by a record, namely the absolutely mind-swirling Morrison Hotel by The Doors. Published in 1970, it features their trademark sound, aka roaring guitars and Jim Morrison’s enchanting vocals. I love the cover-art for this LP so much (the band is sitting inside the shop-window of the Morrison Hotel), especially the colour-scheme, and took most of my inspiration from that and from the overall 70ies attitude.

boots: Primark; skirt: H&M; jumper: vintage

The Crazies Vs. R&J part II

I’m seriously the best at procrastinating!
I still need to do my taxes but at least I somehow managed to finish my application for an internship at Sony Music. Which starts in March, so I hope I’m not too late for it.. I really, really want that internship, since this is exactly what I would like to do after getting my degree. That’s actually the reason why I didn’t apply earlier. I’m just really scared of not being good enough for my dream job.
And the really crazy thing is, I’m normally fucking ace at writing applications and job interviews. So far I got every job/internship that I wanted.. But you see, this is the one that counts. So I’m pretty freaked out. Crazy ol’ me.. Tsk tsk tsk
Where’s my cool head when I need it, I really seem to have misplaced it..

But alas there is of course a new Record&Jumper picture. My inspiration today is Tim by The Replacements. This LP was actually their first major release and sound wise it’s really upbeat and exciting. Just something to dance to and jump around, with the exception of the last tune Here Comes A Regular, which is one of those amazing acoustic pieces that make your heart miss a beat.
So what has amazon has to say? “sloppy-drunk college-rock romanticism of the '80s“
Love it!

jumper: Camden Market; heels: Asos; rings: H&M

Januar 24, 2011


So I decided, that I would dedicate this wonderful week, to all those amazing records and jumpers I own.. Meaning I’ll be posting an outfit inspired by one of my favorite records for each of the upcoming days.

Today’s inspiration was Sunny Day Real Estate’s LP2, which is also known as the pink album.
After they published their highly praised first album Diary, many people expected Sunny Day Real Estate to become as big as Nirvana. But what no one knew was, that the band experienced a major crisis behind the scenes. So right after finishing  the recording, the band split, without ever getting the chance of promoting and touring LP2 (or giving it a proper name for that matter).
The record starts, were Diary has left off, pushing the dynamics of soft versus loud even further, creating beautiful waves of sound.

So with that in mind, my outfit today is supposed to look really neat and clean-cut, but with an unexpected twist once I turn around..

Jumper&shoes: Primark

Januar 23, 2011

What Would Life Be Without Them..

This weekend was incredible, mainly because of those amazing people that I call my friends.
I'm so so sooo glad that I met those guys, and that they tolerate me and my crazies enough to keep hanging out with me (I kid, I kid). Because otherwise (aka with different people) Friday night could've been such a big bust. We wanted to go to a Dubstep party, but were too late BOOH! But it still turned out to be a pretty funky night, so to say.. And yesterday afternoon, after curing my incredibly bad hangover, we did some baking and made the world's most amazing cake.. The fantastic Oreo Cake :)
It probably had 1000calories a slice, but who really cares?! It really tasted that delicious!

I'm really so freaking stoked to say, that right now, I only have people in my life that actually care. You know those kinda people you can call whenever and they'll pick you up wherever and, of course, vice versa.
Good Friends = Great Life :)

Januar 20, 2011

Polythene Pam

Most of the time I really wish that I was born in the 60ies. So much real and inspiring music going on there. Not just trend after fast-fading trend. You know, bands that actually produced more than three LPs, before disappearing into nirvana. Well I guess even three records from an artist would make the news in this society today..

I could rant on for hours, but I’m in a good mood, so I’ll spare you.^^

So let’s see. Today was another day at university and another outfit-picture for you my dear readers. And of course today's outfit features some of the most inspiring artists of all time (at least in my humble opinion).

Muchos Lovos!

coat: Vero Moda; snood: Primark; jeans: UrbanOutfitters; satchel-bag: Topshop; boots: Primark; pleather-jacket: H&M; shirt: H&M; rose-ring: Camden Market

Januar 19, 2011

The Story Behind Our Leading Lady

So what’s the story behind my blog-title, who is that Autumn Grace and why do I heart her? Questions over questions…
Well first off, you have to know that I love taking pictures, mainly because I’m really afraid of forgetting. Which sounds kind of sad I guess haha.. So the next important piece of information is, that I used to have blue hair (yes yes yes I was as blue as a smurf).
So one day I realized I’m getting too old for that specific look (nothing sadder than someone who’s desperately trying to stay young imo) and in consequence, I had a few days as a platinum blonde. During that time I, of course, took some pictures of myself and the first thing that popped into my mind, when I saw them, was Autumn Grace. I have really no idea where it came from, but I just loved, loved, loved the sound of it.
So do any of you, my lovely (and maybe imaginary) readers, have such weird mental leaps? Go and share with the class :)

And I also do love those pictures, even though I hated being a blonde..
dress: Asos  

So enough with those old stories.. Today I hit the gym, after two weeks of being the lazy bum that I usually am. But ugh.. it was so crowded, not much fun at all! I guess everyone had the same new year’s resolution to drop some weight.
OH and I finally had the time to watch the first couple episodes of Californication (I know, I’m really late to that party..) Anywho, I’m now completely and utterly crazy about that show and kinda also have the hots for Agent Mulder.. ahem.. Mr. Duchovny.
So in honor of that a tune from the first episode:

Januar 18, 2011

Secrets of Trade

So today, after a nice long weekend, it was back to university for me. We had a so-so class on strategic management, which even my all-time favorite Russian Professor, who is normally amazing, couldn't save. I nearly fell asleep behind my notebook, when he tried explaining the Nash-Equilibrium. It was just all in all really tiresome.. I probably also shouldn’t have stayed up so late to watch stupid, trashy TV shows.. I’m just smart like that >.<
Oh and for the first time this year, I didn’t leave class 10minutes early to catch my train.. and tadaaa the train ran 10minutes late! That’s what I call instant karma. haha

Well even if it wasn’t the most productive day, I at least wore something nice. The dress has some real great detailing, but I just wasn't able to capture it right. And the cardigan is one of my favs, it's super warm and comfy.
Sorry for the mirror pictures, but seeing as I was already late (as usual), I didn’t have any time to put my tripod up..

I definitely need to work on my time-management..

cardigan: Asos; dress: H&M, shoes: Bullboxer; necklace: Camden Market

closer look at my favorite Robo-Necklace

Januar 17, 2011

Happy Days

So waking up to the sun shining in through my window was amazing. Today really felt like the first day of spring, which is completely ridiculous considering we have January, but oh well.. 

Man soll die Feste ja feiern wie sie fallen!

I so love that feeling you get, when you actually feel warm rays of sunlight on your skin after a long&dark winter for the first time.

And to make this day even better asos.com is again offering free shipping worldwide! My basket’s already filled up quite nicely but I’m still not sure if I want to buy that silver double-finger cross ring. I already have one, in the same style, from UrbanOutfitters in gold, which is actually one of my favorite rings atm. BUT do I really need basically the same ring twice?
My heart shouts YES!!! but my mind is just raising an eyebrow, shooting me a dirty look, and going Really?!

That’s the ring in question:

And for anyone, who wasn’t blessed with an amazing sunny day today, something that will put you in the right mindset anyhow! Enjoy.


Januar 16, 2011

Once Upon A Time..

..there was a girl, with dreams big enough to shatter worlds.

So today's the day I'll finally start my own blog.. exciting, right? Another blog about life and other things close to heart. But I promise you right here and now, that I'll do my best to make this matter, to make this different.
Big words for a newbie, I know..

I think the first thing you should know is, that this will be all about Inspirations. Being inspired and inspiring others are what matters most to me. 
To me music has, and always will be the most inspiring part of my life. Listening to records, going to shows, having lyrics stuck in your head for days.. sometimes I wish that you could post this feeling you get when you listen to something so profound it makes your heart jump.
Right now there's this one line that seems to be a big ol' cloud following me around.. love was always cruel. I guess there's no need to explain it; it's pretty straight forward..

So who am I? I am a student and a dreamer, but I'm really not sure if this is enough.

dress:UrbanOutfitters; jacket:H&M