März 29, 2011

Oh I Would Kill For The Atlantic.

I really really would. I so want to go on a vacation right now. I would love to be at a beach in the Bretagne (France) or maybe over the pond at Cape Cod. Love those places, especially because I love the (sea-)food. 

But no vacation for me, at least not until late August.. Urghh

I can’t imagine anything better at the moment, than to lay on the beach and read some horrifying crime novels, even though it‘s probably still very cold & windy over there . But yeah my last semester of college started today so I have to pull myself together and accept the fact that I won’t have much freetime until after my birthday in August when we have to hand in our bachelor-thesis.

Adding to that is, that I have a big test coming up on Friday, so this has to be it for the day (and probably until Sunday)..

Have a good one!

sweater: vintage; skirt: TallyWeijl; necklace: Asos; shoes: DorothyPerkins

 One of my favorite songs of all time:

März 26, 2011

Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner

So today’s the most perfect day for some 80ies movies, being that I’m completely hungover and therefore been eating like a hog all day.. So after watching my favorite movie of that time, The Breakfast Club, I’m now on to watching Dirty Dancing. Greatness.. Even though I absolutely despise that horrendous make-over at the end of Breakfast Club, its always my go-to-movie for an über-lazy day in bed.
This week I went on a little shopping spree, seeing as they had a 50% of sale on coats at H&M and besides getting myself another cape-jacket I found some other great steals..

And yesterday, as you probably figured out by now, I went out dancing with some great friends. One of my girl-friends is currently staying just outside of London as an au-pair, but she was here for the weekend, so obviously we had to do something about that aka getting completely shit-faced, so excuse me looking like I want to kill someone on those pictures haha
Normally I’m not the biggest fan of those party-photographers but yesterday they managed to snap a bunch of pictures of us. They like us.. They really, really like us!

März 20, 2011

Something To Write Home About

And again too much time has passed since my last post. I’m keeping myself busy doing nothing special at all, so I don’t have to think about the things coming up on the horizon. My last semester of college, my bachelor thesis and a whole lot of big nothingness after that. I always thought that something would happen to make my future into something other than this huge question mark looming around me. But here we are and I know nothing, except that I really don’t want to think about it.
I’m no good at taking chances but I’m even worse at preparing myself for change. I usually just wake up one day and bang! something changed, I’ll make a decision and stick with it, but until then I will be a panicky mess too scared of what might happen next. The big plan I keep telling everyone who wants to know, getting my bachelor’s degree then an internship and afterwards getting my master’s degree, is a good one but it also means growing up.. and I just don’t know if I’m ready yet. I feel like there are so much more nonsense things I should do, but times running out on me. I really don’t want to move away, but it’s a fact that I won’t be able to do my master’s degree here in Munich. So I spent my time doing nothing in order to avoid all confrontation.
This sucks.

On other things that suck: Here are some new outfit-pictures. I felt really bad for not posting this long so I just took some quick snapshots when I got home yesterday at 3am.

shirt: UrbanOutfitters, shoes, skirt, leather jacket: H&M, the ghetto-booty: all mine

März 15, 2011

Days Of Our Lives

Woke up bright and early today with the sun blasting through my windows, what a great change! So after hitting the gym Jana (who has a very wonderful Blog herself, go check it out: http://thingsturnbadoutthere.blogspot.com/ ) and I decided it would be the perfect day for this summer’s first afternoon at the Isar. The Isar is a river that runs through Munich and in the spring-and summer-time there are always many people there, doing sports, partying or just relaxing.
It was so nice to go out and feel the warm rays of sun on your face, winter has been way too long and way too harsh. And I also got the chance to wear my new H&M wedges, they arrived today and look even prettier than in the online store. And since Jana’s boyfriend was on photographing-duty we got some great pictures to show.

So now I’m going to listen to some old-school Fleetwood Mac.. have a great one!

it says "hopeless romantic" accompanied by some blackbirds

Oh and if your in the mood for something utterly ridiculous watch this video:

I’m actually at a loss for words, but I guess it’s good to know that after Thursday there comes Friday and then Saturday and Sunday, who would’ve thought..

I really hate auto-tune, but in this case I’m really thankful that it has saved me from having to listen to the original voice, which judging by the extensive, and still bad-sounding, auto-tune was a real mess to begin with.

März 09, 2011

Back To Black

So today I got mail. My limited edition of Underoath’s new LP O (Disambiguation) finally got here. And in that spirit I bought another LP of amazon.de just now (Fleetwood Mac from ‘75). It’s so crazy how cheap you can get vinyl, especially if compared to normal CDs. I, personally, was never one to download music (legal or illegal), for me music is art and art should be something real and not just virtual 0s and 1s. I like having my vinyl collection in my room, skipping through them and appreciating the album-art. And with a USB-record player it’s no big deal to transform them into Mp3s.
Okay old-fashioned me is going to shut up now haha

So besides listening to music, I spent my day mostly with my second passion.. shopping. And again they didn’t have the shoes I wanted in store, so I guess I’ll have to order them online now. Keeping my fingers crossed they’ll fit true to size. Of course after that disappointment I had to buy something else, so I splurged  and bought a burnt-orange-colored blazer, some leo flats and a cute 50ies-style jean-dress.

Over and Out.

shirt: Asos; dress: Primark, shoes&tights: H&M

März 07, 2011

Rolling On A River

A couple of days have passed since my last blog-entry.. so what’s new..

I went shopping at our local mall on Friday, I wanted to get a pair of wedges I saw at the H&M online store, but of course they didn’t have them in store yet. Going to drive out there on Wednesday again, wish me luck. I really want those shoes haha and I will also use that trip to visit a friend at work :)

need them!

But it wasn’t a complete loss, I found a cute playsuit on sale at Zara. It’s so adorable and was only 7€! I wore it today around the house and for a short trip to the supermarket. Can’t wait until it gets warmer!

necklace: Asos; jacket: H&M; playsuit: Zara

And finally on Friday night, after a long while of going-out being not as much fun as it used to be, I had the most amazing time at a friends birthday. It was pretty darn cold outside so for pre-partying we actually smuggled some wine inside a McDonalds and drank it there. I think the employees noticed but didn’t bother with us. So after an hour of drinking there, we went to the club, which was located just across the street, and the fun began haha
This is actually a picture outside of the club, when we went smoking (I don’t but my friend does) and I’m really confused as to why my hair looks this orange.

Iphone-pictures apparently make my hair turn bright orange oO

Saturday we wanted to got to the John Lennon Talent Award here in Munich but we couldn’t get any guest-list spots and without them we were too broke to afford going. So we spent the evening at a friend’s place chit-chatting through the night..

Overall a pretty great weekend!

März 02, 2011

Lovely Rita

Today was a great day.
I got a new tattoo on my right foot and I just adore it! Sooner or later it will probably be on camera but for the time being you have to wait.^^
I was really scared that this one would hurt a lot, after reading other people’s tattoo-stories on the internet, thinking that I would involuntary twitch and ruin the whole thing. But actually it wasn’t all that bad. Don’t get me wrong it did hurt, but it was not nearly as bad as a visit at the dentist‘s (which I loathe).
And no this wasn‘t my first tattoo either, but it was the first in an area where there is close to no fat between skin and bones. But it’s all over now and already I’m thinking about the next one.

Seriously, don’t ever get a tattoo, it’s quite addicting.^^

Outfit-wise I was more on a muted-colour-scheme today. Wearing, once again, my favorite VeroModa midi-skirt.. In which I nearly had a Marilyn Monroe moment while waiting for the tube. There was such a strong breeze going today.. I hate wind! One step outside of the house and your hair is completely tangled, looking like you didn’t even brush it. Quite annoying, I looked like such a mess when I returned home. I really really really hope this crazy weather will stop soon..

cardigan: H&M; shirt: Hallhuber, skirt: VeroModa; shoes: Asos