März 09, 2011

Back To Black

So today I got mail. My limited edition of Underoath’s new LP O (Disambiguation) finally got here. And in that spirit I bought another LP of amazon.de just now (Fleetwood Mac from ‘75). It’s so crazy how cheap you can get vinyl, especially if compared to normal CDs. I, personally, was never one to download music (legal or illegal), for me music is art and art should be something real and not just virtual 0s and 1s. I like having my vinyl collection in my room, skipping through them and appreciating the album-art. And with a USB-record player it’s no big deal to transform them into Mp3s.
Okay old-fashioned me is going to shut up now haha

So besides listening to music, I spent my day mostly with my second passion.. shopping. And again they didn’t have the shoes I wanted in store, so I guess I’ll have to order them online now. Keeping my fingers crossed they’ll fit true to size. Of course after that disappointment I had to buy something else, so I splurged  and bought a burnt-orange-colored blazer, some leo flats and a cute 50ies-style jean-dress.

Over and Out.

shirt: Asos; dress: Primark, shoes&tights: H&M


  1. Love the outfit! Definitely am in love with the way you styled your denim shirt. There was a denim shirt on sale the other day at a local shop of mine, and I really regret buying it now, hah.

    x http://www.thefeatherden.net