März 20, 2011

Something To Write Home About

And again too much time has passed since my last post. I’m keeping myself busy doing nothing special at all, so I don’t have to think about the things coming up on the horizon. My last semester of college, my bachelor thesis and a whole lot of big nothingness after that. I always thought that something would happen to make my future into something other than this huge question mark looming around me. But here we are and I know nothing, except that I really don’t want to think about it.
I’m no good at taking chances but I’m even worse at preparing myself for change. I usually just wake up one day and bang! something changed, I’ll make a decision and stick with it, but until then I will be a panicky mess too scared of what might happen next. The big plan I keep telling everyone who wants to know, getting my bachelor’s degree then an internship and afterwards getting my master’s degree, is a good one but it also means growing up.. and I just don’t know if I’m ready yet. I feel like there are so much more nonsense things I should do, but times running out on me. I really don’t want to move away, but it’s a fact that I won’t be able to do my master’s degree here in Munich. So I spent my time doing nothing in order to avoid all confrontation.
This sucks.

On other things that suck: Here are some new outfit-pictures. I felt really bad for not posting this long so I just took some quick snapshots when I got home yesterday at 3am.

shirt: UrbanOutfitters, shoes, skirt, leather jacket: H&M, the ghetto-booty: all mine

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