Februar 27, 2011

But It's Better If You Do.

Sorry for being m.i.a. these last couple of weeks. College finals have been really stressful, but thank god they are all over now and I have a whole month of sweet nothingness in front of me. (well besides my bachelor-thesis which needs some working on^^)

 Today I finally found some time to hit the gym again and every last bone in my body is sorry for ditching it for such a long time.. ouch! But yeah gonna get at least somewhat in shape for summer, even though I really prefer midi-lengths right now haha
So since it has been this long since my last post, I’ll post two different outfits today featuring my absolute favorite dress and skirt atm.

dress: Asos; bag: TopShop; shoes: Primark; skirt: VeroModa; cardigan: Zara; shirt: H&M; heels: DorothyPerkins; glasses: RayBan

Februar 16, 2011

Translucent People

Hachja kaum geh ich mal mit meinen lieben Eltern essen, komm ich total betrunken heim.. Aber der Chardonnay war einfach zu lecker. Weisswein ist mir zur Zeit eh am liebsten.
Man merkt ich erreiche langsam aber sicher ein respektables Alter..

Nach einem Kurztrip in die Stadt heut morgen hab ich den ganzen Tag am PC verbracht, eigentlich um ein paar Uni-Projekte fertigzustellen, aber irgendwie ist die meiste Zeit doch auf facebook draufgegangen. Ständig musste ich nachschauen wieviel Uhr es ist und ob ich mich schon wieder bei ASOSLoves eintragen kann. Ich habe mich verliebt, vor einigen Wochen schon, aber diese Liebe ist zutiefst unglücklich. Das Geld trennt uns, besser gesagt die Leere meines Geldbeutels. Es ist so wunderschön und ich bin mir absolut sicher das wir miteinander glücklich werden, und das sicherlich nicht nur bis die Mode uns wieder scheidet. Hmm aber 150Pfund für ein Kleid.. Nein das ist einfach zuviel für mich armen Studenten..
Deshalb waren meine letzten Tage auch geprägt von dieser wunderlichen email-checkerei, ganz in der Hoffnung das Gott, Buddha, Allah, oder auch der Osterhase mir wohlgesonnen waren. Bis jetzt habe ich allerdings nur das Glück-Los gezogen.
Aufgrund meiner Abhängigkeit von diesem wunderschönsten Kleid, sind die Fotos heute leider mit der Sonne zusammen untergegangen. Deshalb ein paar Schnell-Blitz-Bilder bevor ich mich wieder an ASOSLoves versuche.

Ich Süchtling..

dank einer Augenentzündung bin ich zurzeit als Dauer-Vierauge unterwegs :)

Februar 14, 2011

VD Sucks

Is it really a coincidence that the abbreviation for Valentine’s Day is VD, which is also short for venereal disease? I don’t think so.. Well happy VD day everyone..

I loathe this day, everywhere you go (in real life and even online) you get romance crammed down your throat.. like it expires tomorrow. Add to that, that I only once belonged to the lucky people that are in a relationship on this particular day, you can probably understand why I hate it so much.
It seems to me you can be a happy single all year round, but come V-Day you’re seen as the biggest loser there is by society. 
Well screw that I will have a nice evening with some amazing girlfriends, eating way too much junk food and watching some home-shopping, being our sarcastic selves.

So gotta go now and cure my bad case of VD(-Depression).

chiller-oufit olé

Februar 10, 2011

Wondering Days

Today was ace, well besides the inflammation of my right eye I feel is coming on. Well I’ll worry about that tomorrow. I’m going to keep this short, because I have some celebrating to do.
Yes, starting March 1st I’ll be interning at Sony Music, soooo exciting and a little scary but oh well.. I’m stoked and I still can’t believe it. Great, great day
Also, I went shopping today and treated myself to some new glasses. I chose some classic Ray Bans to be my new weapon of choice. Can’t wait until I’ll get to pick them up at the optician, once my prescription glasses are fitted in.
Here they are:
(and because this post is kinda sucky, two more pictures of Tuesday’s photo-shoot)

my new love :)

cape: Primark; ring: H&M

Februar 09, 2011

Let’s Grow Old

So as promised some pictures from yesterday’s photo-shoot in the woods. I really loooooove how they turned out, my friend did a great job (and btw she got the internship at that photographer.. yay her). Although I’m definitely no model, those look preeeetty fierce, as Tyra Banks would say.. hahaha.. I seriously watch too much TV. :)
Even though it was freezing cold, the shoot was much fun. It was such a great chance to catch up again, since we haven't spent much time together these last couple weeks. 

In contrast, today was one of the scariest days in a long, long time for me. I had my job interview at Sony Music!
As far as I’m concerned I didn’t screw it up too bad.. It actually went kinda well, even though I was a nervous wreck. During the interview I got a more detailed description of the internship and it sounded utterly fantastic, this would truly be a dream come true. Urgh I want this so bad!

I’ll find out next week if I get the spot, so please keep your fingers crossed.:)

dress: Urban Outfitters, shirt: vintage
 Btw barefoot in the woods at 9am.. pretty darn cold!

cape: Asos, corset: LaPerla; belt&skirt: H&M

snapshot-time :)

Februar 08, 2011

Girl Left Her Face At Home

Achje achje Leute.. gestern war einfach ein wirklich dummer Tag. Mein Internet ging den ganzen Tag über nicht und ich hatte deswegen einen halben Nervenzusammenbruch. Das Ganze hat mich sogar so weit gebracht, dass ich aus lauter Langeweile heraus mein Zimmer grundgereinigt hab.. Sogar die Fenster wurden auper ordentlich geputzt. Das war auch der Grund warum es gestern keinen Post von mir gab.. Die unsäglich schönen Bilder bekommt ihr aber heute..
Da gestern nur Einkaufs-und (unfreiweilliger) Putztag war und ich auch sonst nur auf meinem Balkon saß und die Sonne genossen hab, wurde gestern dann auch gleich zum no-face-day gemacht. Jaja ihr ahnt es.. The horror the horror.. Kein makeup zierte mein Gesicht, ich hoffe es kann mir vergeben werden.
Nach dem Horrortag gestern war dann heute umso besser. Gott sei Dank hatte ich schon gegen Abend erfahren, dass heute meine Vorlesung ausfällt. Da konnte ich auch gleich einer Freundin zusagen heute mit ihr Fotos für ihre Mappe zu machen (sie hat sich bei einem Fotografen beworben). Also stand heut morgen gleich mal ein Shooting im Wald an.. Und brrrr trotz schönem Sonnenschein ist es in der Früh doch noch ziemlich frisch.. Aber die Fotos sind wunderschön geworden, wenn ich sie in ein paar Tagen dann bekomme werde ich sie auch direkt hier hochladen.

Warum ich auf einmal auf deutsch schreibe? Keine Ahnung, ich weiss es nicht, ich hatte erst angefangen auf Englisch zu texten, aber irgendwie hat es mich genervt..  Und jetzt ist der ganze Text hier unterringelt weil mein spell-check noch auf Englisch eingestellt ist.. Unfassbar!
Bis die Tage nicht verzagen!

PS: Morgen Vorstellungsgespräch bei Sony Music. Mein Gott bin ich nervöös!

Necklace: Topshop; shorts: H&M; Sweater: VeroModa

Februar 06, 2011

Time Is Of The Essence

Sorry for being mia these past couple of days. Some days were crazy busy, but overall not much happened worth writing about. The only news I have is that I got a call from Sony Music and now have an interview with them on Wednesday. I’m so psyched about it. I really hope that it will go over well.
Other than that, I went out dancing yesterday with a friend. We somehow managed to stay clear of all those party-photographers, which is great considering the amount of alcohol we had in our system.. haha
On coming home I snapped two quick pictures of me for you guys, and because I really liked my outfit.. so now you know what I look like at 3 in the morning after a night of partying.^^

corset: LaPerla, everything else H&M (I used to work there^^)

This morning, when I saw those pictures, I was actually pretty surprised that I managed to take somewhat clear pictures. Oh and for the first time, after having to cut my hair shoulder-lenght (because of all that bleaching I did) I started liking it again. Adding to that my fringe is FINALLY on the verge of growing out completely. Note to self: Never ever get a straight fringe again! I'm also pondering the thought of dying my hair brown again, to achieve a more natural look. Well.. we'll see.

Februar 02, 2011

The Early Bird..

.. I shot it.

Right now while writing to you, my dear readers, I’m watching the German version of American Idol, and seriously it’s painfully obvious that there aren’t many talented singers in this country. Well at least none, that would ever try out for a show like this. On American Idol you hear, at least once in a while, some great vocal abilities, but yeah this sucks balls.

Today was really one of those days.. I was all ready to go to university, to work an a group project, nicely dressed and styled and then one of my study-buddies mailed me, that she’s sick so we decided to postpone our session to tomorrow. So I was basically all made up for nothing, and the worst thing is I have to get up early tomorrow now, too. BOH!
I actually used my time to take some close-ups of myself. Here’s my favorite one out of the bunch:

Aaaand of course I also took some pictures of my outfit. Quite clearly I wasn’t a happy camper at the time being. Have I mentioned how much I hate getting up early? And even more so if it’s for nothing. Grrr..
Grumpy, grumpy outfit pictures..
Well there’s one thing that I’m looking forward to, no not the weekend (but maybe.. yeah add that to the list too), I’m really looking forward to a new episode of Top Chef tomorrow. I don’t know what it is, but somehow, nothing is as relaxing as watching other people cooking excellent food in a competitive way.. and the added drama is a nice touch too.
Pure Entertainment.

hat, boots, tights: H&M; skirt: Primark; Sweater: Romeo&Juliet, necklace: Vintage

Februar 01, 2011

Johnny Lived A Good Life

Right now I’m listening to City&Colour, pondering the thought, why there are no Dallas Green-type of guys out here.. Seriously this guy is a dream come true. Love the awesome beard (I‘m a sucker for those), the amazing tattoos, and the devine voice, as well as the ability to write such amazing pieces of art. His girl is one lucky lady!
Well enough with the daydreaming..
Today I went shopping, but somehow I really wasn’t that much into it and got pretty tired in the end. Nevertheless I made some bargains, didn’t spend more than 15€ a piece.. Hooray!
I'm actually planning to wear the corset with a high-waisted black skirt and a knitted cardigan on Saturday.

scarf 3€, sweater 15€, rucksack 4€, corset: 10€

My Outfit today was simple, but quite an eye catcher, because of the glaring colour. I love wearing bright colours, I feel like they put you in a good mood right away, which I really need considering I’m not a morning person AT ALL. Seriously, don’t try to talk to me before 9am, or you’ll just get a snarky remark in return.
So hope you all had a nice Tuesday, without any snarkiness.^^

hat & boots: H&M, jumper-dress: Stefanel