März 02, 2011

Lovely Rita

Today was a great day.
I got a new tattoo on my right foot and I just adore it! Sooner or later it will probably be on camera but for the time being you have to wait.^^
I was really scared that this one would hurt a lot, after reading other people’s tattoo-stories on the internet, thinking that I would involuntary twitch and ruin the whole thing. But actually it wasn’t all that bad. Don’t get me wrong it did hurt, but it was not nearly as bad as a visit at the dentist‘s (which I loathe).
And no this wasn‘t my first tattoo either, but it was the first in an area where there is close to no fat between skin and bones. But it’s all over now and already I’m thinking about the next one.

Seriously, don’t ever get a tattoo, it’s quite addicting.^^

Outfit-wise I was more on a muted-colour-scheme today. Wearing, once again, my favorite VeroModa midi-skirt.. In which I nearly had a Marilyn Monroe moment while waiting for the tube. There was such a strong breeze going today.. I hate wind! One step outside of the house and your hair is completely tangled, looking like you didn’t even brush it. Quite annoying, I looked like such a mess when I returned home. I really really really hope this crazy weather will stop soon..

cardigan: H&M; shirt: Hallhuber, skirt: VeroModa; shoes: Asos

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