Februar 27, 2011

But It's Better If You Do.

Sorry for being m.i.a. these last couple of weeks. College finals have been really stressful, but thank god they are all over now and I have a whole month of sweet nothingness in front of me. (well besides my bachelor-thesis which needs some working on^^)

 Today I finally found some time to hit the gym again and every last bone in my body is sorry for ditching it for such a long time.. ouch! But yeah gonna get at least somewhat in shape for summer, even though I really prefer midi-lengths right now haha
So since it has been this long since my last post, I’ll post two different outfits today featuring my absolute favorite dress and skirt atm.

dress: Asos; bag: TopShop; shoes: Primark; skirt: VeroModa; cardigan: Zara; shirt: H&M; heels: DorothyPerkins; glasses: RayBan


  1. cool outfits!!!!! nice blog too!

    xoxo jenna

  2. lovely outfits! That skirt looks amazing! I really like your hair, such a beautiful colour! Xx

  3. I absolutely looove that dress! Such a pretty color & shape. Also, your glasses are seriously cute.

    KF x