Februar 14, 2011

VD Sucks

Is it really a coincidence that the abbreviation for Valentine’s Day is VD, which is also short for venereal disease? I don’t think so.. Well happy VD day everyone..

I loathe this day, everywhere you go (in real life and even online) you get romance crammed down your throat.. like it expires tomorrow. Add to that, that I only once belonged to the lucky people that are in a relationship on this particular day, you can probably understand why I hate it so much.
It seems to me you can be a happy single all year round, but come V-Day you’re seen as the biggest loser there is by society. 
Well screw that I will have a nice evening with some amazing girlfriends, eating way too much junk food and watching some home-shopping, being our sarcastic selves.

So gotta go now and cure my bad case of VD(-Depression).

chiller-oufit olé

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