Februar 09, 2011

Let’s Grow Old

So as promised some pictures from yesterday’s photo-shoot in the woods. I really loooooove how they turned out, my friend did a great job (and btw she got the internship at that photographer.. yay her). Although I’m definitely no model, those look preeeetty fierce, as Tyra Banks would say.. hahaha.. I seriously watch too much TV. :)
Even though it was freezing cold, the shoot was much fun. It was such a great chance to catch up again, since we haven't spent much time together these last couple weeks. 

In contrast, today was one of the scariest days in a long, long time for me. I had my job interview at Sony Music!
As far as I’m concerned I didn’t screw it up too bad.. It actually went kinda well, even though I was a nervous wreck. During the interview I got a more detailed description of the internship and it sounded utterly fantastic, this would truly be a dream come true. Urgh I want this so bad!

I’ll find out next week if I get the spot, so please keep your fingers crossed.:)

dress: Urban Outfitters, shirt: vintage
 Btw barefoot in the woods at 9am.. pretty darn cold!

cape: Asos, corset: LaPerla; belt&skirt: H&M

snapshot-time :)