Februar 06, 2011

Time Is Of The Essence

Sorry for being mia these past couple of days. Some days were crazy busy, but overall not much happened worth writing about. The only news I have is that I got a call from Sony Music and now have an interview with them on Wednesday. I’m so psyched about it. I really hope that it will go over well.
Other than that, I went out dancing yesterday with a friend. We somehow managed to stay clear of all those party-photographers, which is great considering the amount of alcohol we had in our system.. haha
On coming home I snapped two quick pictures of me for you guys, and because I really liked my outfit.. so now you know what I look like at 3 in the morning after a night of partying.^^

corset: LaPerla, everything else H&M (I used to work there^^)

This morning, when I saw those pictures, I was actually pretty surprised that I managed to take somewhat clear pictures. Oh and for the first time, after having to cut my hair shoulder-lenght (because of all that bleaching I did) I started liking it again. Adding to that my fringe is FINALLY on the verge of growing out completely. Note to self: Never ever get a straight fringe again! I'm also pondering the thought of dying my hair brown again, to achieve a more natural look. Well.. we'll see.

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