Februar 02, 2011

The Early Bird..

.. I shot it.

Right now while writing to you, my dear readers, I’m watching the German version of American Idol, and seriously it’s painfully obvious that there aren’t many talented singers in this country. Well at least none, that would ever try out for a show like this. On American Idol you hear, at least once in a while, some great vocal abilities, but yeah this sucks balls.

Today was really one of those days.. I was all ready to go to university, to work an a group project, nicely dressed and styled and then one of my study-buddies mailed me, that she’s sick so we decided to postpone our session to tomorrow. So I was basically all made up for nothing, and the worst thing is I have to get up early tomorrow now, too. BOH!
I actually used my time to take some close-ups of myself. Here’s my favorite one out of the bunch:

Aaaand of course I also took some pictures of my outfit. Quite clearly I wasn’t a happy camper at the time being. Have I mentioned how much I hate getting up early? And even more so if it’s for nothing. Grrr..
Grumpy, grumpy outfit pictures..
Well there’s one thing that I’m looking forward to, no not the weekend (but maybe.. yeah add that to the list too), I’m really looking forward to a new episode of Top Chef tomorrow. I don’t know what it is, but somehow, nothing is as relaxing as watching other people cooking excellent food in a competitive way.. and the added drama is a nice touch too.
Pure Entertainment.

hat, boots, tights: H&M; skirt: Primark; Sweater: Romeo&Juliet, necklace: Vintage

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