Februar 01, 2011

Johnny Lived A Good Life

Right now I’m listening to City&Colour, pondering the thought, why there are no Dallas Green-type of guys out here.. Seriously this guy is a dream come true. Love the awesome beard (I‘m a sucker for those), the amazing tattoos, and the devine voice, as well as the ability to write such amazing pieces of art. His girl is one lucky lady!
Well enough with the daydreaming..
Today I went shopping, but somehow I really wasn’t that much into it and got pretty tired in the end. Nevertheless I made some bargains, didn’t spend more than 15€ a piece.. Hooray!
I'm actually planning to wear the corset with a high-waisted black skirt and a knitted cardigan on Saturday.

scarf 3€, sweater 15€, rucksack 4€, corset: 10€

My Outfit today was simple, but quite an eye catcher, because of the glaring colour. I love wearing bright colours, I feel like they put you in a good mood right away, which I really need considering I’m not a morning person AT ALL. Seriously, don’t try to talk to me before 9am, or you’ll just get a snarky remark in return.
So hope you all had a nice Tuesday, without any snarkiness.^^

hat & boots: H&M, jumper-dress: Stefanel


  1. Great things! Have I ever mentioned how muh I LOVE your hair?

    The Flower Girl


  2. love the outfit, red looks amazing at the minute =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  3. haha thanks I'm also really in love with the red right now :D