Februar 10, 2011

Wondering Days

Today was ace, well besides the inflammation of my right eye I feel is coming on. Well I’ll worry about that tomorrow. I’m going to keep this short, because I have some celebrating to do.
Yes, starting March 1st I’ll be interning at Sony Music, soooo exciting and a little scary but oh well.. I’m stoked and I still can’t believe it. Great, great day
Also, I went shopping today and treated myself to some new glasses. I chose some classic Ray Bans to be my new weapon of choice. Can’t wait until I’ll get to pick them up at the optician, once my prescription glasses are fitted in.
Here they are:
(and because this post is kinda sucky, two more pictures of Tuesday’s photo-shoot)

my new love :)

cape: Primark; ring: H&M


  1. love your cape hon! and your hair is awesome!
    love your blog hon, check out mine if you want hon, we might have a bit in common :)

    a fashion blog by lydialee!

  2. lucky you for interning there hun :D
    what will you be doing?
    what you wanna be career wise anyway?
    glasses look sick btw xx

  3. dankeschön (:

    thanks everyone.. I really can't wait to get my glasses later this week :D

    I want to work at a music-label, organizing tours and promotion-gigs