März 29, 2011

Oh I Would Kill For The Atlantic.

I really really would. I so want to go on a vacation right now. I would love to be at a beach in the Bretagne (France) or maybe over the pond at Cape Cod. Love those places, especially because I love the (sea-)food. 

But no vacation for me, at least not until late August.. Urghh

I can’t imagine anything better at the moment, than to lay on the beach and read some horrifying crime novels, even though it‘s probably still very cold & windy over there . But yeah my last semester of college started today so I have to pull myself together and accept the fact that I won’t have much freetime until after my birthday in August when we have to hand in our bachelor-thesis.

Adding to that is, that I have a big test coming up on Friday, so this has to be it for the day (and probably until Sunday)..

Have a good one!

sweater: vintage; skirt: TallyWeijl; necklace: Asos; shoes: DorothyPerkins

 One of my favorite songs of all time:


  1. dein outfit ist wunderschön. der rock passt super zu dem oberteil. toll!

    schau doch mal vorbei:

  2. I loveeee this outfit! The sweater and skirt combo is perfect!