April 06, 2011

This Too Shall Pass

Such a nostalgic vibe has taken over me today. Mostly because I spent my day listening to City And Colour's Bring Me Your Love LP. I talked about Dallas Green, and my obvious fetish for men with great beards, on here before and yep that part of my life is still exactly the same.. as it should be.

These last few days I read some fatshion blogs (my favorite being http://www.fat-aus.com/ ) and I must say I’m very impressed by all of these ladies and them taking pride in their bodies. I myself struggled with my weight and my body-image since I’ve been just a kid. It has always been very hard for me to loose weight and maintaining it and to this day I still sometimes feel like the biggest person in the room and it’s getting me down more times than not. So reading those blogs and learning about Fat Acceptance really made me hopeful, in a sense, that life doesn‘t have to be just about looks. (I really don’t want to get into if I’m even considered fat, overweight, etc. that’s not what FA is about for me.)
I think it is sometimes really hard in our society to feel like you are good enough, because most people don’t have (and probably never will have) that model-y kinda figure and that movie-star beauty and we sometimes make ourselves so damn miserable about not being perfect. But maybe, yeah maybe there is a chance that someday we’ll wake up and be happy with ourselves. And maybe someday society will change and it will become more acceptable to look differently, without having a permanent target painted on your back.

"There's people searching for a better way to live their lives.“

leather jacket: H&M, dress: Boohoo.com


  1. das Outfit rockt ☺
    die jacke ist super!

    xoxo Svanny


  2. love your leather jacket & dress you look amazing!


  3. dankeschön ihr lieben :D


    thank you huns :D