März 15, 2011

Days Of Our Lives

Woke up bright and early today with the sun blasting through my windows, what a great change! So after hitting the gym Jana (who has a very wonderful Blog herself, go check it out: http://thingsturnbadoutthere.blogspot.com/ ) and I decided it would be the perfect day for this summer’s first afternoon at the Isar. The Isar is a river that runs through Munich and in the spring-and summer-time there are always many people there, doing sports, partying or just relaxing.
It was so nice to go out and feel the warm rays of sun on your face, winter has been way too long and way too harsh. And I also got the chance to wear my new H&M wedges, they arrived today and look even prettier than in the online store. And since Jana’s boyfriend was on photographing-duty we got some great pictures to show.

So now I’m going to listen to some old-school Fleetwood Mac.. have a great one!

it says "hopeless romantic" accompanied by some blackbirds

Oh and if your in the mood for something utterly ridiculous watch this video:

I’m actually at a loss for words, but I guess it’s good to know that after Thursday there comes Friday and then Saturday and Sunday, who would’ve thought..

I really hate auto-tune, but in this case I’m really thankful that it has saved me from having to listen to the original voice, which judging by the extensive, and still bad-sounding, auto-tune was a real mess to begin with.

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  1. Das Lied hat's uns beiden wohl ziemlich angetan! ;)
    Toller Tag heute.
    Wiederholung bitte!