März 07, 2011

Rolling On A River

A couple of days have passed since my last blog-entry.. so what’s new..

I went shopping at our local mall on Friday, I wanted to get a pair of wedges I saw at the H&M online store, but of course they didn’t have them in store yet. Going to drive out there on Wednesday again, wish me luck. I really want those shoes haha and I will also use that trip to visit a friend at work :)

need them!

But it wasn’t a complete loss, I found a cute playsuit on sale at Zara. It’s so adorable and was only 7€! I wore it today around the house and for a short trip to the supermarket. Can’t wait until it gets warmer!

necklace: Asos; jacket: H&M; playsuit: Zara

And finally on Friday night, after a long while of going-out being not as much fun as it used to be, I had the most amazing time at a friends birthday. It was pretty darn cold outside so for pre-partying we actually smuggled some wine inside a McDonalds and drank it there. I think the employees noticed but didn’t bother with us. So after an hour of drinking there, we went to the club, which was located just across the street, and the fun began haha
This is actually a picture outside of the club, when we went smoking (I don’t but my friend does) and I’m really confused as to why my hair looks this orange.

Iphone-pictures apparently make my hair turn bright orange oO

Saturday we wanted to got to the John Lennon Talent Award here in Munich but we couldn’t get any guest-list spots and without them we were too broke to afford going. So we spent the evening at a friend’s place chit-chatting through the night..

Overall a pretty great weekend!

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