März 26, 2011

Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner

So today’s the most perfect day for some 80ies movies, being that I’m completely hungover and therefore been eating like a hog all day.. So after watching my favorite movie of that time, The Breakfast Club, I’m now on to watching Dirty Dancing. Greatness.. Even though I absolutely despise that horrendous make-over at the end of Breakfast Club, its always my go-to-movie for an über-lazy day in bed.
This week I went on a little shopping spree, seeing as they had a 50% of sale on coats at H&M and besides getting myself another cape-jacket I found some other great steals..

And yesterday, as you probably figured out by now, I went out dancing with some great friends. One of my girl-friends is currently staying just outside of London as an au-pair, but she was here for the weekend, so obviously we had to do something about that aka getting completely shit-faced, so excuse me looking like I want to kill someone on those pictures haha
Normally I’m not the biggest fan of those party-photographers but yesterday they managed to snap a bunch of pictures of us. They like us.. They really, really like us!


  1. Hey einen sehr schönen Blog hast du, gefällt mir : )

    lg die svanny


  2. i love the floral print of the skirt.