Januar 17, 2011

Happy Days

So waking up to the sun shining in through my window was amazing. Today really felt like the first day of spring, which is completely ridiculous considering we have January, but oh well.. 

Man soll die Feste ja feiern wie sie fallen!

I so love that feeling you get, when you actually feel warm rays of sunlight on your skin after a long&dark winter for the first time.

And to make this day even better asos.com is again offering free shipping worldwide! My basket’s already filled up quite nicely but I’m still not sure if I want to buy that silver double-finger cross ring. I already have one, in the same style, from UrbanOutfitters in gold, which is actually one of my favorite rings atm. BUT do I really need basically the same ring twice?
My heart shouts YES!!! but my mind is just raising an eyebrow, shooting me a dirty look, and going Really?!

That’s the ring in question:

And for anyone, who wasn’t blessed with an amazing sunny day today, something that will put you in the right mindset anyhow! Enjoy.


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