Januar 19, 2011

The Story Behind Our Leading Lady

So what’s the story behind my blog-title, who is that Autumn Grace and why do I heart her? Questions over questions…
Well first off, you have to know that I love taking pictures, mainly because I’m really afraid of forgetting. Which sounds kind of sad I guess haha.. So the next important piece of information is, that I used to have blue hair (yes yes yes I was as blue as a smurf).
So one day I realized I’m getting too old for that specific look (nothing sadder than someone who’s desperately trying to stay young imo) and in consequence, I had a few days as a platinum blonde. During that time I, of course, took some pictures of myself and the first thing that popped into my mind, when I saw them, was Autumn Grace. I have really no idea where it came from, but I just loved, loved, loved the sound of it.
So do any of you, my lovely (and maybe imaginary) readers, have such weird mental leaps? Go and share with the class :)

And I also do love those pictures, even though I hated being a blonde..
dress: Asos  

So enough with those old stories.. Today I hit the gym, after two weeks of being the lazy bum that I usually am. But ugh.. it was so crowded, not much fun at all! I guess everyone had the same new year’s resolution to drop some weight.
OH and I finally had the time to watch the first couple episodes of Californication (I know, I’m really late to that party..) Anywho, I’m now completely and utterly crazy about that show and kinda also have the hots for Agent Mulder.. ahem.. Mr. Duchovny.
So in honor of that a tune from the first episode: