Januar 16, 2011

Once Upon A Time..

..there was a girl, with dreams big enough to shatter worlds.

So today's the day I'll finally start my own blog.. exciting, right? Another blog about life and other things close to heart. But I promise you right here and now, that I'll do my best to make this matter, to make this different.
Big words for a newbie, I know..

I think the first thing you should know is, that this will be all about Inspirations. Being inspired and inspiring others are what matters most to me. 
To me music has, and always will be the most inspiring part of my life. Listening to records, going to shows, having lyrics stuck in your head for days.. sometimes I wish that you could post this feeling you get when you listen to something so profound it makes your heart jump.
Right now there's this one line that seems to be a big ol' cloud following me around.. love was always cruel. I guess there's no need to explain it; it's pretty straight forward..

So who am I? I am a student and a dreamer, but I'm really not sure if this is enough.

dress:UrbanOutfitters; jacket:H&M

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  1. Love your dress!