Januar 26, 2011

The Crazies Vs. R&J part II

I’m seriously the best at procrastinating!
I still need to do my taxes but at least I somehow managed to finish my application for an internship at Sony Music. Which starts in March, so I hope I’m not too late for it.. I really, really want that internship, since this is exactly what I would like to do after getting my degree. That’s actually the reason why I didn’t apply earlier. I’m just really scared of not being good enough for my dream job.
And the really crazy thing is, I’m normally fucking ace at writing applications and job interviews. So far I got every job/internship that I wanted.. But you see, this is the one that counts. So I’m pretty freaked out. Crazy ol’ me.. Tsk tsk tsk
Where’s my cool head when I need it, I really seem to have misplaced it..

But alas there is of course a new Record&Jumper picture. My inspiration today is Tim by The Replacements. This LP was actually their first major release and sound wise it’s really upbeat and exciting. Just something to dance to and jump around, with the exception of the last tune Here Comes A Regular, which is one of those amazing acoustic pieces that make your heart miss a beat.
So what has amazon has to say? “sloppy-drunk college-rock romanticism of the '80s“
Love it!

jumper: Camden Market; heels: Asos; rings: H&M

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