Januar 23, 2011

What Would Life Be Without Them..

This weekend was incredible, mainly because of those amazing people that I call my friends.
I'm so so sooo glad that I met those guys, and that they tolerate me and my crazies enough to keep hanging out with me (I kid, I kid). Because otherwise (aka with different people) Friday night could've been such a big bust. We wanted to go to a Dubstep party, but were too late BOOH! But it still turned out to be a pretty funky night, so to say.. And yesterday afternoon, after curing my incredibly bad hangover, we did some baking and made the world's most amazing cake.. The fantastic Oreo Cake :)
It probably had 1000calories a slice, but who really cares?! It really tasted that delicious!

I'm really so freaking stoked to say, that right now, I only have people in my life that actually care. You know those kinda people you can call whenever and they'll pick you up wherever and, of course, vice versa.
Good Friends = Great Life :)

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