Januar 24, 2011


So I decided, that I would dedicate this wonderful week, to all those amazing records and jumpers I own.. Meaning I’ll be posting an outfit inspired by one of my favorite records for each of the upcoming days.

Today’s inspiration was Sunny Day Real Estate’s LP2, which is also known as the pink album.
After they published their highly praised first album Diary, many people expected Sunny Day Real Estate to become as big as Nirvana. But what no one knew was, that the band experienced a major crisis behind the scenes. So right after finishing  the recording, the band split, without ever getting the chance of promoting and touring LP2 (or giving it a proper name for that matter).
The record starts, were Diary has left off, pushing the dynamics of soft versus loud even further, creating beautiful waves of sound.

So with that in mind, my outfit today is supposed to look really neat and clean-cut, but with an unexpected twist once I turn around..

Jumper&shoes: Primark

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  1. haha den pulli hab ich auch liebes <3
    nur in schwarz hihi <3