Mai 08, 2011


.. really seems like such a long time ago.
Back in the olden days my bestie and I used to go out twice every weekend to party, but since then we got older (although not much wiser) and so partying isn‘t that big of a focus for us anymore.. Oh old age how I despise you! Haha
But this weekend we were back to our old, hard partying-ways! On Friday there was this big Cocktail-Tour in Munich, were basically you had to pay 25 bucks and got free entrance as well as a free cocktail in nine different bars and clubs. So of course we had to take part in that. In the end we only got to go to seven of the locations.. Drinking really doesn’t help with your orientation folks!
It was such a fun night though! We got to know many new venues and one of them we’ll definitely revisit sometime soon.

But that wasn’t all..
yesterday we went out to see my bestie’s boyfriend’s band. They played an awesome show here in Munich @BackstageClub, and even though the crowd was kinda passive (and we were kinda tired) it was another great night.
If you like metalcore, go check them out on facebook ( )or over at myspace ( ). If you like what you hear you can download their first EP there for free!

Oh and happy Mother's Day everyone!

unschorf oba trotzdem no vui schorf!
outfits straight from 2006 !


  1. Wow, gorgeous photos! So wish I could pull off red hair like that! xo

  2. I really love your hair, both of you! and your outfits are amazing - looks like a great night out :)


  3. thank you! and yes it was an amazing night :D