Juli 14, 2011


Seriously I’m oh so proud of myself for actually posting today, as I have promised. Silly old me.
Today was a pretty full, but pretty fun day. I spent the first half of it going shopping with my mom and I found the most perfect, most flattering dress ever! And I'm 100% serious about that, it has the most perfect cut for my body, it's quite ridiculous. I’ll probably take pictures of everything I bought on the weekend, didn’t have much time for that today, so their might be a big haul-post coming up. Other than that I also managed to hit the gym (so proud of myself) and did some other small errands around town. Doesn't sound like much aye, but believe me it took forever!

In other news, I’m so excited and sooooo freaking nervous!! Tomorrow my internship starts and I’m really freaking out.. hopefully I’ll be getting along great with my new co-workers and I won’t screw up too badly on my first day. Urgh I can’t believe that starting tomorrow I’ll be working 40hrs a week for the next half year. S-C-A-R-Y! Oh I already miss being a lazy student so so much.

Since I haven’t been posting much lately, I thought it would be nice to post two different outfits (though in the same pose, haha I’m so not creative with that) centering around overknee-socks. One is more the casual cutesy-pie look whereas the other one is more chic & vamp-like.

&wish me luck for tomorrow :)

Exes and Ohs.

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